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At Bald Haircuts we are deeply committed to bringing you images of styles way out of the ordinary. We are always ready to explore everything that’s possible with female hair. Our stylists’ are so precise, radically unconventional and bold, that our footage can hardly capture the detail. In addition, every extreme hair cut includes guidance from any one of our professional photographers.


Abigail is young, and wants to look “Totally different then everyone else.” We assure her she will just love her new look. At first she was afraid, but at the end she loved her new BALD LOOK!!

Angelica is very excited and anxious about getting her first head and can’t wait to see the end results. We invite you to come and see this very exciting video the transformation is AMAZING!!!

Jacqueline is our latest model. She’s beautiful and has an amazing smile and is ready for a haircut. She’s definitely a candidate for Miss Congeniality!!! With great charm and enthusiasm she sat down and got a freshly shaved hear!!

Inez has been growing out her hair for years. Today her beautiful long hair will be lying on the floor. She wondered if she would be brave enough to go through with it. She had never cut her hair short, and now she was shaving her head bald.

Betsaida is beautiful and soon to be a BALD BEUTY!! You can’t miss this amazing HEADSHAVE!

Patricia has a million dollar smile!! Come and watch this great head shave from a different angle. You will fall in love all over again.

Patricia our latest model is beautiful and has an amazing smile. She is ready for a haircut to become a bald beauty. She’s definitely a candidate to be an instant favorite.

Evelyn: An amazing girl who has never had a short haircut. Today she will go from amazingly long to shaved smooth. Evelyn is very enthusiastic about her haircut, we are sure she will LOVE her shaved head.

Bianca Returns The wholesome girl next door who had never done anything as crazy as this, IS BACK!!1 you will fall in love with her again.

Camila has never had a haircut shorter than her shoulders, but today she will go shave it all off!!  She admits that she’s nervous, but also is really excited to have a smooth and sexy shaved head!!!

Estephania is young and full of spice who is about to receive the ultimate sexy head shaved!!! She is more than nervous and wants to jump out of her chair, but goes through with her haircut. You will love her all the way through!!!

Fernanda Second Camera

Fernanda: our latest model, she is GORGEOUS, with an amazing smile. She showed up with great enthusiasm to our studio ready for a shave!!

Alex Charlene has finally decided to go all the way and make a dramatic change from long to completely bald. Please join us and see this beautiful transformation. You can’t miss this three part series.

Julieta: Is beautiful and full of energy and is down for anything. You will love her attitude and flirtatious way.

Johanna has always felt insecure about her looks, this time she’s decided to finally loose her fear and go for a complete change. She decided to shave her head off and at the same time shed all of her fears. You won’t believe your eyes at the extreme change in her!

Miranda is tired of her old look, and she decided to start new.  Witness how her confidence grows as her hair falls off.

Azalea Second Camera

Azalea is now playing. We are pleased and trilled to report that she came and joined the ranks of our Bald Beauties! She is a beautiful addition to our family and ready to go. We assure her she will love having a shaved head.

Old Fashion Barber Shop Part Three: This is the last of our three part series.

Old Fashion Barber Shop Part Two

Old Fashion Barbershop: This is a three part series that will leave wanting more. You will see seven models go from beautiful to stunning!

Angelica Second Camera

Angelica: is beautiful and full of energy, she’s never shaved her head before and is a bundle of nerves. Angelica is really nervous before her haircut, but really excited and plans to keep it this way. She hopes she will inspire others to follow her footsteps.

Alejandra; just shaved off her hair and she looks amazing! See her in this amazing video, you will love her!

Joana: Our latest model is beautiful and full of energy and ready to go all the way!! She wants a maintenance free haircut and we are making sure we give her a smooth shaved head!


Elena is young and energetic, and very determined. She started to grow her dreadlocks when she was still a child, and has decided it’s time to cut them off. She is really nervous about losing them, but she is determined to take this huge step.

Karla will captivate you in a way no one has!! She is beautiful, but a little unsure of what she is doing. Come and see her transformation, the end result is stunning.

Erika this is a great two part series you just can’t miss!! We invite you to be a part of this great production.


Victoria is our latest model; she is gorgeous and really nervous about getting a head shave. Once we got started she was relaxed and exited at the same time and she could not wait to see the results.

Diana Video Two

Diana is young and wants to look “Totally different then everyone else” We assure her she will just love her new look. At first she was afraid, but at the end she loved her new BALD LOOK!!


Bianca was desperate for a change; she no longer wants to be the nice girl next door. Her transformation will amaze you!!







Ximena is ready to get a head shave, come and see the beautiful results.


Maria is so happy with the results she called it “her finest hour”

Veronica Video One

You can’t miss this three part series. “I’m so glad I did it!” she says!! She likes so much she’s decided to stay bald for a while.

Maria Isabel

Maria Isabel


Gretel is young and he beauty will captivate you, she will steal your heart.


Jenny is back, she loved being bald she decided to do it again. You will love this head shave more the the first one.


Marcela is young, full of energy and was looking for a challenge, and decided to completely shave off her hair. We invite you to be a part of her transformation, you won’t be disappointed.

Double Feature Part 1

Double Feature Part 1

Double Feature Part 2

Double Feature Part 2


Double Feature Part 3


Rosario is our newest model she is beautiful and really excited to change from long to bald.  You will enjoy this video.

Marta 15

Marta is our latest model she goes from a bob cut to a shave. You will just love her.


Briana is beautiful and is ready for a change, you will be amazed with the results!!!


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